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Weird Homes Awards
Gold WorldMedal at the New York Festivals for Best Documentary Series, Biography/Profiles, worldwide.
Gemini Award winner for Best Lifestyle Series.


Weird Homes is featured in Canada on the Life Network.

Now on the Discovery Channel in the United States.

A total of 78 episodes of the Weird Homes series are available
with 39 episodes in High Definition. Please Contact Yaletown Entertainment about the latest available programs.

Show Chronology

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
1. Retired, Still Working
Some people just can't relax when they retire. Unique, customized homes and backyards.
2. Folk Artists
Where homes and yards are the canvas for art.
3. Recycled Wonders
Homes of bottles junk and even beer cans.
4. Inspired by Pain
Unique homes created out of suffering.
5. Funny Farms
A bowling ball garden, love pond and hundreds of dummies.
6. Something to Say
Decorating homes and yards to make a point.
7. Yards of Fun
For some pink flamingos is just the start.
8. Fantasy Gardens
Life-sized scarecrows huge boulders and thousands of flowers.
9. Strange, Yet Wonderful
From a House of Exotica to a Nuthouse.
10. The Collectors
Prairie farm collections and a House of Toys.
11. Junkyard Treasures
Remarkable recycled art from trash.
12. Paradise Found
A man-made mountain in the desert a temple in backwoods Georgia and an underground home in Ontario.
13. Artists in Residence
Life-sized robots, metal dogs, and the odd Cyclops in the garden.
14. Artists at Work
Chainsaw carving crazy critters, sculpting and welding in the living room.
15. Off the Beaten Track
Homes full of Hollywood dreams and the psychedelic 60s plus a place in the woods.
16. Yard Shows
Rocks, fine china, whimsical sculptures, and strange creatures decorate a variety of yards.
17. Hidden in the City
Fantastic footwear inside an old brewery? If the shoe fits...
18. Incredible Collections
Nooks and crannies filled with collectibles, including cats.
19. Up in the Air
A real tree house, two flying saucers and a dome home.
20. Castles Called Home
Strange copies of castles, one with a fire-breathing dragon.
21. Crazy Yards
Pop bottles glass chickens windmills and other unusual paraphernalia
22. Made with Passion
Places built with love and years of labour including a Greek temple from a plain urban home.
23. Roadside Attractions
From a Tinkertown to a crop of bizarre concrete creatures.
24. Staying Afloat
Home sweet floating homes including a former ferry.
25. Homemade Shrines
A celebration of all things Elvis, a monument to the lowly toilet seat and homage to hilarity.
26. Outsider Artists
A magical metal machine fuelled by imagination, whittled wonders and an artist who thinks VERY big.
27. Fun Houses
A sense of humour is definitely an asset to enjoy these places.
28. Home Is Where the Art Is
Artists whose canvasses are their homes.
29. Trash to Treasures
Art and collectibles created from junk.
30. Sticks and Bones
Homes adorned with art pieces created from really raw materials.
31. Down the Garden Path
Yards and gardens that go beyond tomatoes and tulips.
32. Life Underground
Home owners who choose to live in caves, missile silos, or hand-built underground homes.
33. Playhouses
Some homes, like this tree house, martial arts home and hobbit house, just want to have fun.
34. Fuelled By Dreams
Dreams are the ultimate unleaded fuel for three homes devoted to all things vehicular.
35. Visions of Grandeur
A home is a medieval castle (or Roman villa, or African tribal mansion) for folks with grand vision.
36. Dare to be Different
Homes where folks have dared to express themselves, with bowling ball gardens, taxidermy and bottle caps.
37. Radical Attitudes
With a little attitude and imagination, homes can make a statement about art, the environment or quality of life.
38. Spiritual Spaces
A Paradise Garden and a pyramid home are among the houses designed with spiritual spaces in mind.
39. Home on the Range
Wide-ranging interests and a few farm animals contribute to the weirdness of these homes.
40. House Ahoy
Landlubbers with a driftwood house, a paddle wheeler and an extraordinary beachcomber.
41. My Home, My Castle
Meet three couples who are Kings and Queens.
42. Young at Heart
Fantasyland, a house of toys and a barnyard fairytales.
43. There Goes the Neighbourhood
Not exactly the traditional neighbourhood.
44. Off the Grid
Creature comforts in an unplugged environment.
45. Different Strokes
Uncompromising artists whose homes are their canvas.
46. Creature Comforts
Consider these personal animal houses.
47. Earth Dwellers
Three families who mow the grass on their roofs.
48. Wild Collections
Three collections that are really worth seeing.
49. Life's a Gas
Are these houses, garages or gas stations?
50. Living in the Past
Homes full of history and living museums.
51. Sacred Spaces
A refuge from the world with visitors galore.
52. Nothing to Waste
Creative uses of second hand stuff.
53. Crazy Gardens
You won't see this stuff growing in Homes and Gardens.
54. Wild West
These people are just cowboys at heart.
55. Personal Touches
These homes were well and truly decorated.
56. Artful Lodgers
Their homes are all ancient masterpieces.
57. Flights of Fancy
Living in a 747, a spaceship apartment and flying dragons.
58. Heavenly Creations
What can mud and straw and ocean tides have in common?
59. On The Rocks
Foundations don't get any more solid than this.
60. Labour of Love
Built for the love of others, these are.
61. Remember When?
Really living life in bygone eras.
62. Mind of Their Own
You can't look at these and say 'Oh, never mind'.
63. Home Alone
Three bachelors in homes only men could love.
64. Where The Heart Is
Three unique homes and the people who love them.
65. Busy Bees
Now these are what we call hives of activity.
66. Against The Grain
Keeping up with the Jones�s is tough when the Jones�s have homes full of strange and wonderful objects.
67. Daring Decor
Think waaaaay beyond beige.
68. Bursting at the Seams
Pop art, postcards, sock monkeys, smiley faces, chrome, cartoons, missiles, space suits, kitsch and flamingos overwhelm the houses of these folks
69. It�s a Jungle Out There
It takes a special kind of person to turn a cast-off into a custom creation.
70. Secret Gardens
Creative gardens in the Pacific North West
71. Zest for Life
A home full of rainbows, one that takes us back to Egypt, and a club full of incredible sea-life creations
72. No Ordinary Address
Passion is the principle behind these homes.
73. Magnificent Obsessions
The home as a shrine to collections and hobbies.
74. Living With Spirits
Visit a Voodoo princess in New Orleans, the home of a New York man fascinated with death, the elements of feng shui and a house in Nova Scotia.
75. For the Love of Art
When their home is the artist's canvas.
76. Making Their Mark
These homeowners really go the extra mile.
77. Local Legends
Sometimes the past is more fun the second time around.
78. One-Of-A-Kind
No cookie-cutter condos here.


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