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Hollywood North

Hollywood North - world globeYaletown is based in the Pacific Northwest's 'Hollywood North', Vancouver, Canada. The region is a prolific film production location with in excess of one billion in television and movie production annually. Major studios and independent producers alike are attracted to Vancouver by the abundance of spectacular locations, the highly experienced production teams that are cost effective both in terms of union wage scales and currency exchange rates, the seasoned pool of talented local actors and the state-of-the-art post production facilities.
High Definition Television Content
Major Hollywood studios remain an economic force in the entertainment industry. However, most motion pictures and television series, many of which are highly successful, are developed and/or produced by independents such as Yaletown.
By taking an early leap into the High Definition production arena Yaletown is poised to benefit from the continuing growth in local film production and the dramatically increasing international
demand for High Definition television shows. As one of Canada's leading producers of High Definition television content, Yaletown's award winning television series are now selling to broadcasters worldwide.

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