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News Releases

Feb. 11, 2003Private Placement Closes
Feb. 6, 2003Giants Entertainment Assigns Strike Zone
Feb. 6, 2003Giants Distribution Assigns Sale Proceeds
Feb. 3, 2003Hollywood Actor Signs Three Picture Deal 
Jan. 15, 2003Shares For Debt Settlement 
Jan. 14, 2003Discovery Channel Licences Weird Homes, Weird Wheels
Jan. 11, 2003Yaletown Acquires 15,000,000 Shares in Marine BioProducts International Corporation
Jan. 3, 2003Private Placement 

Dec. 23, 2002Holiday Greetings from Yaletown Entertainment Corp.
Dec. 23, 2002Yaletown Signs Three Picture Deal
Dec. 19, 2002Yaletown Chairman David Dadon Thanks Shareholders
Dec. 10, 2002Yaletown Establishes European Branch and Additional Funding
Dec. 5, 2002Yaletown Options Movie Rights to Tracing Iris; Negotiates with Actor Kelly Rowan
Dec. 3, 2002Stock Options Granted
Dec. 2, 2002 Output Deal With Producer Lloyd Simandl
Oct. 25, 2002Merger with Pinewood Sound.
Oct. 11, 2002Hollywood Producer Joins Yaletown; David Dadon Appointed Chairman.
July 2, 2002Investor Relations Terminated.
June 4, 2002Weird Weddings Special Premieres.
May 28, 2002Weird Wheels Wins Silver Medal at Houston International Television Festival.
May 21, 2002Investor Relations Announced.
Apr. 18, 2002 Yaletown Receives Three 2002 Leo Award Nominations.
Mar. 20, 2002Directors Change at AGM; Private Placement Reduced; Management Change; 2002 Production Slate Announced Including New Series.
Jan. 7, 2002Private Placement Announced.

Nov. 29, 2001Shareholder Update.
June 13, 2001European Broadcast License for Homes and Wheels Series.
June 8, 2001Toscana Mia Terminated; Jeff Murdock Appointed for Investor Relations.
April 19, 20012001 Yields Three Leo Awards for Weird Homes.
March 27, 2001Employee Stock Options Granted.
March 20, 2001Yaletown Appoints New Manager of Marketing and Corporate Communications; Stock Options Surrendered.
March 7, 2001Yaletown Does Development Deal with Umberto Menghi; New Broadcast License for Toscana Mia; Broadcast Renewals for Weird Homes and Weird Wheels.
Feb. 5, 2001Weird Homes Fall Ratings.
Jan. 23, 2001Yaletown's Weird Homes Finalist at New York Festivals.
Jan. 19, 2001Yaletown Scores with Huge Ratings for Weird Wheels Canadian Season Premiere.
Jan. 8, 2001Weird Homes International Award Nomination; Weird Wheels Canadian Season Premiere.

Dec. 14, 2000Post-Digital Group receives Consumers' Choice Gold Medal for Business Excellence.
Dec. 07, 2000Acquisition of Post-Digital Group completed; Revenues to grow by $1,000,000: New officers appointed.
Oct. 23, 2000Major High Definition Sale to Discovery Channel.
Sept. 25, 2000Negotiations with Discovery Channel; New trading symbol.
Sept. 21, 2000Resumption of trading; international distribution agreement
Sept. 01, 2000Yaletown to produce 13 episodes of food series for Alliance Atlantis
Aug. 01, 2000Weird Wheels nominated for Indy Crystal Globe Award; acquisition of Great Markets of the World; Investor relations services
June 09, 2000Acquisition of video post-production companies
June 05, 2000Purchase of High Definition cameras and decks; private placement announced
May 23, 2000Funding in place for Weird Homes and Weird Wheels,; Weird Homes licensed to Showcase Networks, U.S.A.; Weird Homes licensed to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile; North India Deal terminated; private placement closed off
Apr. 18, 2000Three Leo nominations for Weird Homes
Apr. 12, 2000Option Agreement with North India Television
Mar. 15, 2000Company secures lock-up agreement with North India Television
Mar. 13, 2000Canadian Broadcast license for Weird Wheels; production financing
Mar. 03, 2000Weird Homes licensed in Australia and Korea
Mar. 01, 2000Yaletown opens discussions for strategic alliance in Singapore
Feb. 23, 2000Company reaches agreement with New Shoes Productions to co-develop Boys and Their Toys
Feb. 16, 2000Thirteen episodes of Weird Homes licensed to Groupe TVA, Quebec.
Feb. 04, 2000Two more investor relations staff added; e-postgram deal terminated; company considering other internet/e-commerce opportunities; CDNX Notice filed for January 4,2000 private placement.
Jan. 04, 2000Private placement announced

Dec. 16, 1999Weird Homes nominated for three Leo Awards; pre-production of second season underway; stock options surrendered.
Nov. 30, 1999Manager of corporate communications appointed; incentive stock options granted; memorandum of agreement for e-Postgram.com extended.
Nov. 08, 1999Weird Homes wins Gemini Award.
Oct. 25, 1999Investor relations agreement terminated
Sep. 23, 1999Weird Homes nominated for Gemini Award.
Sep. 03, 1999Agreement to license UserFriendly terminated; memorandum of agreement for e-Postgram.com reached; film projects update.
Sep. 03, 1999Investor relations agreement announced.
Aug. 23, 1999Development deal with Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting for Weird Wheels announced.
Aug. 04, 1999Proposed private placement announced.
June 10, 1999Financing concluded for second season of Weird Homes; agreement in principle for UserFriendly.
May 27, 1999Shooting begins on Weird Homes second season. Negotiations commenced UserFriendly.
Apr. 22, 1999Y2K readiness; future plans discussed; resignation of director.
Apr. 06, 1999Broadcast license concluded for second season of Weird Homes; international distribution agreement signed; financing documentation completed; U.S. home video distribution deal reached.
Feb. 10, 1999Negotiations underway for second season of Weird Homes.
Jan. 22, 1999Weird Homes wins Gold World Medal at New York Festivals.

Dec. 30, 1998Investor relations agreement terminated.
Nov. 06, 1998Weird Homes third in Neilsen ratings and international distribution agreement signed; Headhunter screenplay completed; Project Taltal abandoned.
Sep. 18, 1998Thirteen episodes of Weird Homes shot; first broadcast of Weird Homes scheduled; final negotiations for international distribution underway.
May 29, 1998Weird Homes broadcast license finalized; production financing completed; filming underway; discussions underway for international distribution.
Apr. 01, 1998Investor relations agreement announced.
Mar. 20, 1998Investor relations agreement terminated.
Feb. 23, 1998Broadcast license signed for Weird Homes.
Jan. 13, 1998Investor relations agreement announced; Weird Homes pilot completed; screenwriter hired for Headhunter; drilling program recommended forProject Taltal.

Sep. 30, 1997Development deal with Life Network for Weird Homes announced; Urban Safari U.S. theatrical release scheduled; Urban Safari sold to Home Box Office and SuperChannel.
Sep. 08, 1997Agreement to option Project Taltal announced.
Aug. 19, 1997Negotiations underway for Chilean mineral project.
May 28, 1997Vice-president appointed.
Apr. 28, 1997Chile exploration results.
Apr. 15, 1997U.S. theatrical and video deal for Urban Safari.
Apr. 03, 1997Twenty-six episode development deal for Extreme Team signed.
Mar. 27, 1997Logan deal terminated.
Feb. 26, 1997Exploration program commenced in Chile.
Feb. 20, 1997Three book movie deal for Headhunter plus sequels.
Feb. 14, 1997Shareholder update.
Jan. 01, 1997U.S.$2,000,000 five film deal with Hollywood director Bob Logan announced.

Dec. 30, 1996Chile property option agreements completed; additional property secured.
Nov. 21, 1996Geologist retained: exploration programmed planned.
Oct. 31, 1996The CBS Murders optioned.
Oct. 25, 1996Private placement announced.
Sep. 25, 1996Investor relations agreement terminated.
Sep. 20, 1996U.S. distributor appointed for Urban Safari; book optioned for Weird Homes.
Jun. 25, 1996International distributor appointed for Curse of the Lost Gold Mine.
Jun. 06, 1996Chilean mineral property acquisition announced.
May 29, 1996Shareholder update; mineral exploration possibilities considered.
May 28, 1996Investor relations agreement approved.
May 21, 1996Urban Safari opens Phillip Morris Festival.
May 17, 1996Investor relations agreement announced.
May 13, 1996Urban Safari European premiere rescheduled; distribution agreement with United Pictures International; agreement for premiere screening at Phillip Morris Open Air Festival.
May 06, 1996Urban Safari wins Leo Award.
Apr. 18, 1996New international distribution agent appointed for Urban Safari.
May 02, 1996Urban Safari nominated for four Leo Awards.
Apr. 08, 1996Urban Safari European theatrical premiere delayed.
Feb. 16, 1996Major transaction completed; Private placement completed; stock options granted.
Jan. 09, 1996Major transaction approved by shareholders and Canadian Venture Exchange.

Oct. 26, 1995Urban Safari invited to Valencia International Film Festival.
Sep. 13, 1995Urban Safari invited to Montreal World Film Festival; World distribution agreement signed.
Jun. 26, 1995Urban Safari screened at Cannes Film Festival; Urban Safari invited to Palm Springs Film Festival; Vancouver screening announced.
May 01, 1995Initial public offering completed; major transaction announced: private placement announced; appointment of new director.


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